CAAD10 Black

So I meet up with a buddy to go riding on Sunday. We met going opposite directions and then he turned around and we started our route. It took me a second before I realized he wasn't riding his usual EVO.

"Whoa, man - that's a CAAD10 black!"

"Yeah, man - it's awesome."

It was pretty awesome. 

The paint detailing on these bike was intricate and restrained, with fluo green highlights.

The custom SRAM "Green" Components are a great touch.

All the CAAD10s I've seen come with a compact 50/34 crankset, and what looked like a 11-26 cassette. 

Overall a sweet bike and since he got it used, a great value. Especially since this will be his back up back, or for bad weather training (that morning it was wet and dirty on the streets), it has the exact same geometry as the EVO, but does not need to stay in quite as pristine condition. This is a classic example of N+1 in effect.