Across the Beeriers - MUDDY!

Across the Beeriers was last weekend, and it was fun! The race is put on by Swagger and it was presented by Southern Brewing Company (the race was at their brewery).

It rained over night and on the entire drive to the race. The rain actually let up during our race, but then started up again afterwards. We were the first to race the course, so it was probably in the best condition of all the races. Apparently it got even worse for the Sunday races. One of my teammate's drivetrain got completely clogged and he had to run an entire lap to finish the race.

Swagger puts on a pretty good race - I hadn't pre-registered even though I meant to, so getting my number took a little time. I arrived 1:20 before my race, so I had time to warmup on the course for 2 laps (the race ended up being 3 laps). I got 4th, and one of my teammates got 3rd.

I tried to get photos of the bikes, but since it was raining I wasn't able to get many shots of the bikes outside (and post race you couldn't bring your bike in the brewery).



Sorry, bike.

Sorry, bike.

Post race - lots of muddy racers.

"Why are your feet and ankles so pale, bro?"

I wish I could've stayed, hung out, watch the races and drink beer, but had to get back home. It was a great venue.

The bike & racer cleaning area - they had to bring out a second hose, and there was a pretty long line.

You can find some nice shots from all the races by Trish Albert here. All in all a good course and great venue - looking forward to doing this one again.