Airport Ride 11-23-15

Airport is a classic winter Atlanta ride that starts in November and ends in March. There is a long and a short option, and different groups organize earlier and later versions (8AM, 9:10, 10:10). Airport PROPER is the 10AM 60mile-ish version ("Airport Long").

What makes Airport so compelling is that, similar to Tucker, all the big boys come out to play. You can generally see representation from all the racing teams in Atlanta on this 50+ cyclists ride. That said, because the ride is essentially flat, you can also hide in the peloton while it gallops along at 32mph on a windless day, or 25mph on a windy day (like this one was).

This means you've got guys out there hanging on for dear life, and guys out to catch up on the latest happenings of the peloton.

This video is a week late, but hopefully you'll enjoy! It was nice, late fall day - chilly but sunny, and pretty windy.