One Way Road - Robbie McEwen

I love McEwen's swagger, and his approach to racing is invigorating. He is a pure sprinter, and his book gives an excellent insight into that life:

I'll be riding along, really focused, and sitting on the perfect wheel. Bang! Somebody will shoulder me out of it, to take my place. When that happens, I use their momentum to help me swing out, then I swing right back in and bang them back, just as hard. I'm not scared. I won't fall. You will not take my place. It goes as fast as you are reading these words. Bang. Swing out. Swing in. Bang. Focus. And I'm back where I was.
If I have to be, I'll be more insidious about it. Somebody's where I want to be in a line, so I'll move up slightly ahead of them and gently move my hip into their brake lever, just the slightest touch. Most riders aren't keen on that type of contact; they'll move out, and that's it. Where they once were, I am.

I personally loved this book. It really gives you a feel for the attitude you need to have to win. If you want to learn about sprinting, I'd say this is a must read. The descriptions are great and real. If you are an all around rider, this is a good read but not a must.