Bike Cave

Originally I had all my bike equipment in our office, with all accessories and tools packed up as compactly as possible, all my kit in a trunk, and any non season or anything not immediately needed in the back of my closet in my bedroom. Even with that set up, there appeared to be bike stuff everywhere (especially to my wife). My long term plan was to convert the shed in the backyard to a bike shop, with electricity, simple heating and AC, and possibly running water. After thinking it through it was going to be quite expensive.

Our basement has always been very damp and moldy, but half of it is partially finished. There is electricity, lights, a utility sink and our washer/dryer. I never considered using it for my bike shop because of the air quality, but after we got a dehumidifier I realized there could be plenty of space for my bike shop. My wife thought it was a good idea too, so I got to work.

These were the important things to me to have in my bike cave:

1. Trainer Set Up

I wanted a space that I could have a permanant trainer set up. It was such a headache to set everything up and take everything down every time, and added 5mins or so to the process. I set up the trainer in the basement on an old rug to help dampen the sound during 5:30am trainer sessions. I also wanted it facing all my other bike equipment so that I'd have something to look at if the Netflix movie or show is getting boring.

2. Plenty of Clothing Space

When I had everything I'll packed together in a trunk, it was difficult to find things - especially in the early spring or late fall when the fluctuations in weather mean you need access to summer and winter kit. So I have a drying rack where I can fit both summer and winter kit, and also have three baskets - one for socks, one for gloves, hats and shoe covers, and one for old kit. Dirty kit just gets left in a pile.

3. Work Table

I wanted a space that could house all my tools and extra parts. I used an old wooden counter top we had and attached peg board to the back, and also continued using old coffee cans, etc, to put things in.

4. Repair Stand

This was something I've needed for years, but it was an extra expense that I preferred to put directly into the bike. Until my wife got me this repair stand for Christmas, and now I'm ready to work on the bike properly.

Race numbers from my first year racing, 2012.

Race numbers from my first year racing, 2012.

5. MISC Storage

I wanted to store all my extra bike stuff - helmets, shoes, tires, tubs, sling (hopefully I'll never have to use that again), race numbers, basically anything bike related that I think is cool, but can't have in the house. I wanted to store it so I could see it as well when I'm working on my bikes, or on the trainer.

And that's about it. I've been using it for over a month, and it has been great. My wife likes having the extra room in the house, and I like having all the bike stuff I've accrued over the years on display. What can I say, it's best room in the house!