2015 Georgia Gran Prix - Oxford RR and Crossroads TT

Got to film the Cat 4/5 race from my Shimano Sports Cam. 

Great day for a race, great turn out. The guys from Florida are strong year after year. The new flat finish with a tailwind did not suit me at all, and so I tried to get a jump on the bunch .... which of course didn't work, but I was able to get a good shot of the final sprint. There was a crash in the final KMs as well, but it was behind and I just heard it. 

The TT was good too, but I wish the results would have shown who used the Merckx advantage vs. the regular aero setup. That way you could really see who won. I believe the 1 min advantage was the way to go, but wanted to get the TT training in before the state championships.