Tour of Utah, August 3rd-9th

While it's not the most talked about event, the Tour of Utah is a great American stage race. This is its 11th year, and past winners have included Tom Danielson and Levi Leipheimer. 

One of my favorite parts of watching these American stage races is getting to see American Teams like UnitedHealthcare, Airgas, Hincapie, Jamis-Hagens, Optum and Team SmartStop battling it out. The style and level of racing is a little different from the major tours and one day European races - it's a touch closer to what we mere mortals can do, which makes it more exciting in some ways.

You can watch it online on Tour Tracker, which is just great streaming coverage (similar to the NBC streaming coverage of TDF) and it's free. Here are the times (eastern time):

Mon Aug 3 - 3-5pm

Tues Aug 4 - 3-5pm

Wed Aug 5 - 3-5pm

Thurs Aug 6 - 3-5pm

Fri Aug 7 - 7-9pm

Sat Aug 8 - 4-6pm

Sun Aug 9 - 4-6pm

At the least you should try and watch the queen stage next Saturday. 110 miles, 12,959 ft elevation gain, and likely a hot summer day - sure to be epic! Here's the profile:


All photos from the Tour of Utah website/facebook.