Allez Sprint ALU

Whoa. This is a sweet looking bike. Looking forward to getting a chance to try it out. 

I'm not sure about the SRAM Force 1 single ring. I understand the advantages of doing away with the two rings up front (weight, less likely to drop the chain), but the large rear derailleur and wide cassette aren't as visually appealing as a tight, small cassette range, and a nice big standard crank. I also think I'd miss the 53x11, 53x12 gear selections. I had a compact crank on my current bike and had to move to a standard because of spinning out in races or on hard group rides. I'd like to at least have a 52 up front. Hopefully they'll come out with braze-on front derailleurs sooner than later.

Images of the nice, chunky, stiff bottom bracket (via bike radar - they have a great review here).

The photos below are a sweeter build, but I'm not seeing them on the Specialized site. I think the way to go will be wait for them to come out with the front derailleurs and just transfer my existing components on it, or select my own spec. (photos via AMICI DI BICI)