Vuelta a Espana History - Winners by Decade

It's about to begin! The Vuelta. Here's a quick history of the winner, going back by decades.

2005 - Roberto Heras (Spanish) - His win was taken from him with a positive test, but was kind of given back by the Spanish Cycling Federation.


1995 Laurent Jalabert (French) - ONCE. Known for drinking wine. Won the climber, sprinter and general categories, something only done by Eddy Merckx and Tony Romancer before.


1985 - Pedro Delgado (Spanish) - The race known as the "stolen vuelta" because of the Spanish speaking teams colluding against Robert Millar. He was known as a climber with an aggressive style.


1975 Agustin Tamames (Spanish) - He won 11 Vuelta stages in his career, and was the Spanish National Champion in 1976.


1965 Rolf Wolfshohl (German) - Other than his win at the Veulta, his was a successful cyclocross racer, winning the world championships 3 times. 


1955 - Jean Dotto (French) - First French cyclist to win the Vuelta. He was a good climber. He was born Italian, and became French in 1937.


1945 Delio Rodriguez (Spanish) - He was a sprinter, and won by over 30 minutes.


1936 Gustaaf Delcor (Belgian) - First edition of the Vuelta! Conditions were wet and cold and were better for the Belgian racers. World War II ended Gustaaf's cycling career, and he was a prisoner of war. He was able to work in the kitchen because a German officer was interested in sports.