Rudy Project Noyz Sunglasses - Long Term Review

I've been wearing Rudy Project Noyz sunglasses for about 3 years now. Prior to buying my first pair (Noyz Tangerine) I wore a pair of low end Tifosi sunglasses. That first pair of Noyz sunglasses were a definite upgrade. After about two seasons of wearing those, or team kit changed from orange to red accents, and I wanted a new pair of sunnies to match. This were the obvious choice to me. (Full Disclosure, Rudy Project is a sponsor of the race team I'm on, but I did purchase these glasses and feel this is an honest review).

SPECS: $249.99 / 28g

LENSES: I like the Rudy Project lenses a lot. I like the Racing Red lenses that you can't see through, and they look FAST. They also are great at keeping sun out of your eyes during afternoon rides and morning races when the sun is just over the trees and exploding light straight in front of the peloton. When that happens, as you know, you can hardly see. You want to make sure you can see when you're in a fast moving bunch in that situation. These have always worked well for me in those situations.

I also remember my first pair of sunnies fogging up often enough whenever I'd stop. Like, fogging up badly and the first few seconds after starting up again would be a little dicey. These rarely fog up, and when they do it's so little that it doesn't effect vision that badly.

When it rains, these don't perform any better or worse than the other sunglasses I've had. I've never heard of sunglasses that are specially designed to work in the rain, though.

FRAME: The frame is comfortable and solid. I've taken a tumble with these on, they've been tossed around for about a year now, and despite a couple scratches they are still very solid. 

FIT: These are quite comfortable, I think, and when bombing down hills and over rough CX terrain they stay in place. They also do a good job of keeping the wind out of my eyes.

They didn't fit very naturally into the Rudy Helmet, until I figured out that you have to tuck them in. So once you get them in they're super secure, but just kinda tough to get in the first dozen times. Now I can do it easily one-handed.

VALUE: The price tag on these is comparable to other high end, lightweight racing sunglasses like Oakleys. The lenses are great, the look is correct, so I'd say they are right around where they should be. Expensive, but you get value from it.

PROS: Looks pro, excellent lenses, lightweight, can match with same brand helmet.

CONS: Doesn't fit easily into helmet, expensive.

RECOMMEND? I'd recommend these sunglasses to anyone looking for a high end pair of racing sunglasses. One of the best things about these sunglasses is that you can match the branding of your sunglasses with your helmet. You can't do that with Oakleys.