Lizard Skins La Sal 1.0 Short Finger Gloves - Long Term Review

In general I don't like wearing gloves when I ride. I wear gloves either for racing, hard group rides, or when it starts getting cold. I wear them for racing and hard group rides in order to help keep a strong grip on the handlebars when things are fast, sweaty, and in close quarters. That's when a slip of an inch on the handlebars can mean things get dangerous.

I decided on these gloves because they were simple, matched my white handlebars and were leather. 

SPECS: Pittards Premium Leather / Micro Suede Thumb / $40.00

FIT: These fit just fine to me, the same as other gloves I've worn. They do seem more comfortable to me though. From the first time I used them, I really liked them. They are comfortable, plenty grippy, and they don't get in the way. Everything I want in a glove.

The leather is good quality, and has worn in well. Because these gloves are white, they do show dirt and grime. But the outside leather has stayed white, and I just toss them in the wash with the rest of my kit and they clean up well that way.

CONS: They have the old school velcro closure system, which means you get the funny looking circle suntans on your hand if you wear them all the time. I don't have this issue because I only wear them for about 25% of my riding. I would also consider them to be expensive.

RECOMMEND? Yes, I'd recommend these. I could see the cons being big cons for others though, especially the price tag. I would say if you like classic styling though, and especially if you have a white color them going, and ESPECIALLY if you have white Fizik shoes like these, they're kinda a must have.