Light, or Aero?

So, I'm having trouble deciding between light or aero. The Fuji SL frameset above is a feathery 740g. So light. It comes with a 280g fork. It would be a dream for going up hills (it also won the mountain competition in the Vuelta). Or ......

..... this Fuji frames (the Transonic SL). It's a relatively beefy 1050g frame, and a 375g fork. So 405g more than the SL (.89lbs). But it has an awesome, MASSIVE bottom bracket, has more stiffness for sprinting and power transfer, and will slice through the air better at high speeds, like sprinting or on descents (where I always have to pedal like crazy to keep up with the bigger dudes).

I'm leaning towards the aero bike. In the races I've done I generally don't have any issues keeping up on the climbs, and can stick around for the finale. And most of the races I do end up with a bunch finish, where the Transonic would be better to have than the SL.

So while it's def cool to have an uber light bike, and it would be nice to have the weight savings for the climbs, I think the Transonic is the better choice for me.

Alas that also means that I just need to lose another pound of fat.