Lizard Skins Bar Tape 3.2mm - Review


There are some things I really like about this bar tape, and some things I dislike. And they are pretty straight forward.

I like that these are grippy no matter how sweaty my hands get.

I like that these are easy to clean (especiallly if you like white bar tape like I do).

I don't like that they feel a bit plastic-y to me.

I don't like the price tag.

SPECS: 78g (this is their thickest/heaviest), $44.00

It's tough for me when it comes to handlebar tape, because I like white handlebar tape, and I'm also thrifty, and I like the feel of traditional cork tape. The lizard skins wins me over on the thrifty side because you can clean it over and over and over again. So even though it has a higher price tag than cork, you def don't have to buy it as often. But I like the feel of cork. 

PERFORMANCE: This tape performs. No doubt about it. When your hands are sweaty and the race is getting serious, and then when the sprint ramps up, you want this tape. It's grippy no matter how sweaty you get. And then it's easy to clean afterwards.

RECOMMEND? Yes. But it depends. And the reason why is that I'm a little torn on what I need from handlebar tape.

Half my bikes have Lizard Skins, half have generic cork tape. It all depends on which bikes are going to see race day. Race day bikes get Lizard Skin - when performance and looks are most important. The other bikes just have dingy cork bartape that I think feels good.