The Bidon

Some people collect shot glasses of places they've travelled. I like to collect bidons.

I love having bidons that have some sort of memory attached to them, or that look great on a specific bike. Older ones sit in a bag deep in my bike stuff trunk. My wife wishes I'd get rid of them along with my old kit, so they're very out of the way.

"Bidon" etymology: From Middle French bidon ‎(“small portable container, sealed and made of wood or metal”), from Old Norse *bida, *biða ‎(“container, vessel”), from Proto-Germanic *bidōn, *bidjan ‎(“tub, vessel, vat”), from Proto-Indo-European *bʰidʰ- ‎(“pot, bucket, barrel”), from *bʰeydʰ- ‎(“to weave, bind”).