Recovery For an Omnium

The beginning of the racing season will be full of omniums, and recovering after the first day is crucial to performing well the second day. The key is recovering quickly, and avoiding situations that omniums bring that make recovery difficult.


1. BRING A GOOD MEAL TO THE RACE Often the first day of an omnium you will be gone from the house for 8 hours including drive time. Between the time trial and circuit race you will have down time. It is easy to not refuel properly in this 8 hour stretch. Make sure to stick to your regular routines where possible (breakfast, lunch), as well as food for recovery and performance.

2. SIT DOWN Because you're at a race, and because there's so much going on, it's easy to walk around and stand around catching up with people, or watching the end of races. Try to bring some sort of chair so you can sit and rest whenever possible.

3. RELAX IN THE EVENING It's easy to be amped up after doing two races, so relaxing should be one of you first post race goals. Feeling relaxed is important for falling asleep later when you get home. I often have difficulty sleeping the first night of the race, thinking about what happened and visualizing what will happen the next day. I just try and read a book, relax my body, and get to sleep.

4. EAT AND DRINK Make sure to eat and drink enough - for me, a big, good meal is the best way to ensure I'm feeling topped off the next day,.


1. DISORGANIZATION It's pretty easy for things to get messy getting to and from races two days in a row, especially including getting your kit ready, food ready, etc. If your equipment is a mess, you will waste energy worrying about it and trying to fix it. This will make your mind less keen, and you will have less time to think about the race. Do everything you can to prepare in advance, and take a little time as you go to keep things orderly. I bring extra grocery bags so I can at least have things somewhat centralized, like water bottles and food.

2. NOT EATING ENOUGH If you get caught up in the fun of the race and find yourself hungry when heading home, you might realize that you essentially missed lunch on top of doing two races.

3. CAFFEINE LATE IN THE DAY Be cautious about having caffeine late in the day if your race is late in the day. It could cause you to have difficulty falling asleep.

Omniums are great, though, and my favorite part may be a cold beer Sunday evening after all the dust has settled!

The back of my SUV after the first day of an omnium - a buddy and I were car pooling, so lots of bike equipment.

The back of my SUV after the first day of an omnium - a buddy and I were car pooling, so lots of bike equipment.