MLO Super High Protein Powder - Review

Protein powder plays a crucial role in recovery for many racers. Often, it's an easy way to ensure your muscles are getting the protein they need to rebuild and get stronger. It's easy to make and easy to ingest.

I have two protein powders I take. One is whey protein-based and also has additional recovery blend ingredients, such as a little creatine and vitamins. I use that one after hard workouts or races on the weekends. The MLO Super High Protein Powder is one I use on a daily basis.

SPECS: $12-15 (I can usually get in on sale at Kroger) / 24g Protein / 110cal

Because this protein powder is mostly soy-based the protein isn't as high quality as a purely whey protein blend. It simply takes a little more to get the same bang for your buck. It is also unflavored, which means it's quite bland, but at the same time adds a minimum of calories to your daily intake while helping to make sure you're getting enough protein.

Because of commuting and training in the morning, I fix myself a glass of this protein powder with my coffee in the morning when I get to the office daily. I wouldn't say it tastes great, but that's okay with me because they price is right and the calories are low.

RECOMMEND? Yes I'd recommend this. Though I would warn that if you want to maximize muscle growth or recovery whey protein powders will do a better job, and warn that it also doesn't exactly taste good.