Rudy Project Airstorm Helmet - Review

Full disclosure, Rudy Project is a sponsor of the team I race for. That said, I purchased this helmet and feel this is an unbiased review.

I've had numerous helmets: Bell, Specialized and Rudy Project. I would say of the three Specialized and Rudy Project have been my favorites. You can see the full specs here. Overall I'm not too particular about my helmets. I want them to have a mechanism for easy tightening and loosening, to hold my sunglasses, to match my kit, and if it's light that's a plus. The helmet I wore previous to this was the Rudy Project Sterling, which was lighter but also more expensive. That was destroyed in a crash at the Athens Twilight Crit (also broke my collarbone in that one), and I got this one to replace it.

SPECS: 336g / $199.99

The tightening system works well, similar to most road helmets at this level.

Buckle system works well, no complaints and what you'd expect at this level. 

One thing I really like about Rudy Project helmets is the net on the inside. Without it you always end a long ride with hair sticking up out of the air vents. I also like the styling, especially  when you're wearing Rudy Project sunglasses. That's an advantage over many helmet brands that only make helmets. That said, Rudy Project helmets tend to be a little pricery than some other brands (like Specialized).

PROS: Works flawlessly, looks great especially with matching sunglasses.

CONS: A bit expensive.

RECOMMEND? Yes, especially if you want to match your lid with you shades. If you're pretty thrifty though, Specialized is probably your best bet.