Review: Swiftwick Socks

I've been wearing Swiftwick socks for many years now. Before that, I tried out lots of different brands but none of them really did it for me.

I've worn Swiftwicks of all different lengths, and wear the thicker wool socks in the winter. I like wearing the red ones for races, and the Maxxis branded on for CX races.


$9.99-$34.99 / Various Materials, Lengths and Looks


Swiftwicks have always fit snug to me, and I actually wear a large (foot size 8.5-9). They seem to have an elastic band around the arch of the foot that really helps to keep it in place. I think the cuffs are excellent: even after many wearings, they stand straight and unwrinkled. The weave is also very tight, which gives a nice, clean appearance even when stretched.

If you're into white socks, their white socks are very bright white, and stay that way for quite some time.

These have always proven to be quite durable and long lasting for me.


Abosolutely. I have yet to find a negative about these socks. They are a good value, they fit great, and they last a long time.