Review: Castelli Race Day Track Jacket

This jacket (really it's more of a heavy sweater) was something I've wanted for years. Something I could throw on after a race, and also just wear around on the weekends while running errands (how else would everyone know I'm a bike racer?). I got this as a Christmas present and have been wearing it for almost a month.


$69.95 / 580g (though who cares?) / Nylon Fleece Material


I'm generally somewhere between a small and a medium. The website I bought this from suggested sizing up for euro fit so I got a medium, but I returned it and got the small which fits great. The sleeves are comfortably long, the cuffs, waistband and neck are snug.


The scorpion logo is woven on so it'll last, and there is a small logo touch on the waist.


The zipper is solid quality and works well. The jacket/sweater has a terry type interior that they call fleece, and I find it comfortable. The tall collar helps keep in warmth too. Depending on the sun and wind, the lowest temps I'd wear it without other layers is the 45-55 degrees range. All in all the jacket has the same quality as Castelli performance clothing.


If you're looking to buy a casual jacket/sweater for hanging around, you won't go wrong with this one. That said, it's a pretty steep price to pay for something that doesn't help you go faster. So if you're the kind of person that might buy a Park Tools bottle opener, I'd recommend it.