Review: Crank Bros Eggbeater 3 Pedals

What I look for in a pedal is quick engagement, and then a strong attachment to the shoes. I had been riding standard entry level Shimano SPD pedals on my cross bike because that's what was on them when I bought it, and I always wanted to swap them out. My teammates swore by eggbeaters vs. the Crank Bros candy pedals because of how thick the GA red clay mud can get in cross races, so the decision to go with the Eggbeater 3 was pretty easy.


$135 / 4-sided entry / 280g per pair


Engagement has been no problem, other than just getting accustomed to a new pedal. They don't attach as tightly as I'd like, and have a good bit of float. I can see this being a big plus for many people, but I guess I'm used to how tight Speedplay pedals attach to my road shoes.

I used the spacer when attaching the cleat, but I think I probably could've used an additional one. I haven't had any issues with engagement, but I think it would be even easier if the cleat was a little higher.

I think they look rad, which frankly was a big reason for getting these personally. It comes in blue, red, black and green, so if your frame has any of these colors I think that's reason enough to get them.

They're also marketed as being "the lightest mountain bike pedals in the world." I haven't done any research to see if that's true, but when powering up those punchy climbs in CX races I'm happy to have any weight savings possible.


I'll do a long term review later, but I'm pretty pleased with these for the short time I've had them. I would recommend these, especially if they match your bike color scheme!