What to Eat Between a TT and a Circuit Race on the Same Day?

I always try and figure out what I'm going to eat the mornings, days and evenings of a race weekend so that I don't have to think about it on race day. One thing that I think is hard to figure out is what to eat when you have a TT in the morning and a circuit race in the early afternoon (like at the Tour of Southern Highlands stage race this weekend). But here's my plan:


I want the things I eat between the TT and the circuit race to both repair my muscles and also give me energy for the circuit race. So it will need to be a blend of what I usually eat after a ride/race and what I usually eat before a ride/race. My muscles will be emptied, so they will need good quality carbs to fill them back up, and my body will also need carbs for regular activity for the time between the races. For repairs, I don't believe my muscles will have time to truly repair themselves like a good night of sleep or an 8 hour stretch would do, but some easily digestible protein will help do some immediate repairs (I think).


I want to avoid overeating, or eating food that is difficult to digest, or food that will excite my body (like sugar) and will end up making me more tired by the time the circuit race rolls around.


I think the best approach is to eat the same foods I normally eat, just tweaked a little in terms of timing, and to eat more of them. I work out most mornings and afterwards have a bowl of oatmeal with milk and protein powder. Before hard, long workouts or races I generally eat a granola bar of some sort, because they have a nice blend of complex carbs and simple sugars that energize me.


I will eat before the TT in the morning the same as I usually do, except I'll drink less coffee in order to be more relaxed after the race is over. I'll likely eat a bowl of cereal at home, and a granola bar an hour before the race, or two bars if I'm still hungry. After the race I will eat a larger serving of oatmeal than usual (I'll prepare it by cold soaking the oats in a container the night before and will eat them cold at the race), and a protein shake with water. I'll then likely eat an early, light lunch, likely a sandwich, and then coffee and a granola bar about an hour before the circuit race. I'm not sure what I'd like to eat right after the circuit race, but some sort of real food and no bars or shakes.

All subject to change depending on how I'm feeling at the time.