Review: Rudy Project Spinhawk Sunglasses

Before getting the Spinhawks, I simply wore my racing sunnies on the drive to the race, while hanging out beforehand, and afterwards. I had a pair of RayBans, but those were your regular guy sunnies. I'm a bike racer, dedicate a lot of my life to it, and dang it, I want to have a racy look whenever possible.

I'd had my eye on the Spinhawks for a while, especially since Rudy Project often will include a free pair with a large enough purchase, and because they're often at a deep discount. So when the discount was high enough, I popped on a pair.


Multilaser Red Lenses / 31 grams / MSRP $174.99


I didn't get these for any performance reasons, so I have nothing really to report there. They are light and the fit is comfortable to me. They seem to be the same size as any other standard pair of sunnies. They have the same quality as all the Rudy Project equipment I've had, which I consider to be high.

The lenses are the same type of lenses Rudy Project uses on their racing frames, so I was able to get the exact same lenses on my casual shades as my racing shades - which was important to me stylistically, especially since it also matches my kit.

The main reason I got these was because they're fun, I can wear them before and after the race, and probably most importantly so that I could wear them when I'm out and about generally. It's my little way of signaling that I'm a bike racer while being casual. For example, when I'm casually drinking a beer, I just put on my casual sunnies. Out grocery shopping or taking the baby on a walk? Put on the casual sunnies.

Also, I can make hilarious jokes like "Don't MAKE me put on my RACING sunnies!" which is guaranteed to get an eye roll and an "oh gawd, you think you're so funny" from my wife.


Since getting these I've worn them a lot. I really enjoy them. Would I recommend them? If you want to stay a bit racy even while you're being very casual, and you can get them on sale or bundled with another deal, definitely. Although I think they are priced a bit steep otherwise, no matter how cool they are.