Epic Rides - Atlanta to Saint Simons Island in 3 Days (400 miles)

My family goes to Saint Simons Island often enough, and I've always wanted to ride my bike there and meet them. We are going for Memorial Day, and my wife said "Why don't you go ahead and take some time off work and meet us there this time?" And I said, if you're good with it, I'm doing it!

I wanted to travel light and lean, a minimal amount of days. I wanted to do it in two days, but that would have meant having to ride at dusk, or at night if something goes wrong. So I took a half day off work and am going to do around 100 miles the first day, 160 miles the second day, 130 miles the third day.


The first day of my route I'm essentially copying the AV200 century route. After that I used Strava heat maps to plot routes that use roads most used by cyclists. From there I decided on where I'd stop based on what towns I'd go through. I decided to stop in Madison and in Metter.

For directions, I exported the cues from Strava, edited them down as much as a could, and printed three columns per day. I'll tape them around my handlebars and tear them off as I finish them.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 9.35.11 AM.png
The turn by turn for day one. I know the way to Stone Mountain by heart, so the instructions start after that.

The turn by turn for day one. I know the way to Stone Mountain by heart, so the instructions start after that.


I wanted to keep it lean. I plan to stop for lunch, and to pick up food from gas stations along the way. In addition to a large saddle bag and a small frame bag, I decided to go ahead and get a handlebar bag so that I can bring some clothes for the evenings. I plan to wash my kit every night and hang it to dry. Here's the list of what I'm bringing:

Spare Tire
4 Spare Tubes
Tube Patch Kit
2 Tire Boots
Tire Lever
Bike multi tool
Pocket Knife
Heavy duty hand pump
Phone/Garmin/Lights charging cables
Light running shorts
Light running shirt
Flip flops
Cash/Card/Drivers License/Insurance Card/Emergency Contact Info
Handlebar light, helmet light, rear light
Assorted bars

Most of the stuff I'm bringing.

Most of the stuff I'm bringing.

The three bags I'm putting all that stuff in.

The three bags I'm putting all that stuff in.


I plan to ride at a moderate base pace the entire time. I anticipate saddle discomfort to be the biggest issue. I think it will be mentally stressful as well. Navigating unknown roads, and finding oneself on dangerous roads, is always tiring. I will try and make sure to eat enough throughout the day, and will stop for lunch on both long days. The first day I will ride straight through and shouldn't need to stop at all.


I love doing long trips like this. I don't mind doing them alone either. In the solitude I often find out something about myself, or have some sort of realization, or make some sort of decision. Usually I learn something, and regardless they are always something I look back on with satisfaction and pleasure.

In terms of my training for the season, I really feel the need to hit the reset button, and I'm hoping that these big, moderate miles will kind of reset my body training clock. I'm looking forward to seeing how my body will react to this training.