USAC Regional Masters Championship Cat123 Road Race 2016 - Race Video

Whelp, the USAC Southeastern Masters Championships is done and dusted! Another great event put on by Topview. Check out this handlebar video footage from the Group A (Cat1/2/3) road race on Sunday!

The weather was great - not too hot or humid. The race was 56 miles long, and was my first race as a Cat 3. The pace was high throughout the race. I was nervous about my first race being with Cat 1s and 2s as well, but I was able to hang in throughout the race, until about 1km to go. I picked the wrong wheel to get behind - the racers dropped the wheel, and by the time I saw that he wasn't going to be able to catch back on it was too late. I tried to bridge, but to no avail.

All in all a great day of racing I thought!