Being Burned Out and Resetting

Cycling is a demanding sport. It requires lots of money, continual upkeep of equipment, and time consuming training schedules. Inevitably, I hit a period of time once or twice a year when I feel just a little burnt out and some sort of reset. This is how I deal with it.

Being burned out just means that riding and other cycling related activities feel a bit like a chore. And just not feeling that excited about it. There is always a combination of factors leading to the feeling of being burned out (which is different from being over trained):

Not having (or having recently completed) a goal.
Continual training.
Heavy race schedule.
Lack of race results.
Lack of fitness.
Not enough time to dedicate to training.

Sometimes, it's just as simple as too much cycling in general for too long. Regardless, cycling gives us just as much back as we put in, and from time to time when feeling burned out, it's a simple solution of falling back in love with cycling again.

That means going back to what got you into cycling in the first place, and doing that for a week or two. Just relaxing with it all, and focusing on having fun. Soon enough you'll be in a good place again, and able to focus on what you want to do with cycling and racing. The important part is realizing that it's no big deal, and that everything needs a little cultivation and tending to from time to time.