Georgia Games Cat 3 RR Video

The 74 mile GA Games Cat 3 RR was by far the longest road race I've done. That said, it was relatively chill for the majority of the race.

I knew that my camera would not be able to stay on for the entire race, so I turned it on about 10 miles into the race hoping it would have enough memory/battery to last until the end. Unfortunately, it ended at the 200m to go line. UUUUUGH.

I was not very well positioned for the finish, because I didn't realize we were at the end until about 50m to go when I could see the finish line. My main goal for the end of the season is to get accustomed to the pace and style of Cat 3 racing in order to make realistic goals for next year and know how hard to train over the winter, so I was okay with a mid pack finish.

Make sure to check back in the coming days for the race report and RACE BIKE PICS!!!