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MAXXIS Columbiere Race Tires Review

I've trained and raced on many tires (Continental, Mavic, Schwalbe, Specialized and Vittoria), and I like the MAXXIS Columbiere tires the best. I've been racing them for 3 years now, and have gone through probably 4 pairs of them.

SPECS: 200g for $50 (Compare to Continental 4000 295g for $69 / Vittoria Open Corsa 219g for $74 / Mavic Yksion Pro 190g for $59)

HANDLING - They feel smooth and fast in the straights, and grip well through turns. Some of the other tires I've had may feel a little grippier through corners, but I feel pretty confident on these guys. I've also raced them plenty in the rain, and they maintain the same grip in the wet.

DURABILITY - I think that where these really shine over other racing tires I've had. They just seem to last a long time, or at least longer than other race tires. I've been running the ones below for a couple months, and you can see they're still in great shape. A single pair usually lasts me 6 months or so, but I usually switch to thicker training tires between racing blocks, so a pair will usually last an entire racing season (or, an entire year).

VALUE - These are $50 at the MAXXIS online store, which is a steal for racing tires. I think it's a no-brainer. Only the Mavics are lighter by 10g, but at $10 more that's $1 per gram. Which could make a little difference I suppose.

RECOMMEND? Yes, I highly recommend these. They're great tires, and definitely a great value.

FULL DISCLOSURE - MAXXIS is a sponsor of the racing team I'm on. I've tried to be objective when thinking about these tires for this review, and I would buy/recommend them even if they weren't a team sponsor.